Scion tC-x Project


Sept. 3
Just driving around, yeah! I added some motor pics today.

Sept. 1
Got the car back from paint and body with the widebody pretty much complete. The car handles great but I want to see what happens at the track now that the geometry has been changed. FIKSE 18 x 10 racing wheels all around with Yokohama AVS Sport 275/35/18 tires.

May 23
Got her back from Twins Turbo and she rocks! 443 whp / 474 torque at 22 pounds. They think the exhaust manifold (Turbonetics, log style) is probably holding us back at this point. Couldn't make more power at higher than 22. Definitely will be looking to upgrade in the Fall. clip of dyno:

May 8
Took the car in to Twins Turbo, where they will upgrade fuel and cooling systems, install the MoTec with harness, and tune the car to its limit, whatever that is!

Feb 2007
The harness never got done, and the whole thing turned into a bad experience. I think Danzio tried their best, but mostly they do sand cars and my project was not a priority. I made contact with Twins Turbo (they do Chris Rado's Time Attack tC and lots of other racecar projects), and I think my car my be a good fit for them.

Jan. 15
Installed Cobra racing seats yesterday.

Jan. 12
Just found out the wiring harness is completed. Hoping to tune again in about a week or so. Meanwhile, the car was used for a Parts Plus TV commercial yesterday, that was REALLY fun to do, even got paid for it. The guys at 5th Dimension Signworks ( got some really nice graphics on the car with very short notice.

Here it is on


Dec. 18
Got tired of waiting for the harness (c'mon MoTeC!), so I got the car back.

Dec. 15
Still at Danzio, parts installed, pedal and throttle body are calibrated for the MoTeC unit, just waiting on completed wiring harness. Should be on the dyno soon.

Nov. 28

Car went back to Danzio today for the new fuel system, new engine management and further tuning. Will be down 1-2 weeks, but should be a beast when they're done!

Nov. 27
Got new rims and tires today. Took the car out and she really sticks now!
Volk CE28N 17 x 8 rims with Volk racing lug nuts > 14 pounds each
Yokohama ADVAN Neova 235/40 tires

Nov. 17
Have decided to completely rebuild the fuel and management system. We are limited by the Unichip, injectors, pump and regulator. I need to disable the rev limiter and can't do it with this system. Probably be going with a Bosch pump, MoTeC management and custom wiring/sensors etc. Car goes in on Nov. 28.

Nov. 15
Fixed the downpipe and a vacuum leak -- no wonder I didn't do better at the track last week!

Nov. 7
Went to the track tonight and ran mid-14's. Not bad, but I know she can do better. Cracked the turbo downpipe right where it comes out of the wastegate. Thank goodness for Turbonetics' great warranty. Back to the shop tomorrow. Need to go back down to 17" rims and lighter tires.

Video Clip of 1/4 mile run: