Scion tC-x Project

This motor was built around the Turbonetics T3/T4 turbo kit. The head is ported & polished and +1.5mm oversized titanium valves were hand made for it. Custom one-off cams were ground and coated for this particular motor. Pistons and rods were balanced before installation. It was necessary to notch the block a bit to accept the new rods. An aluminum intake manifold is a possible further development.

Twins Turbo installed a new management system using a MoTeC unit was installed for greater control over fuel maps, launch control, rev/speed limiters, etc. GP Motorsports built a custom harness for the MoTec.

The fuel system was upgraded with external pump, FPR with gauge, modified fuel rail. A C & R aluminum radiator and oil cooler helps keep her cool and the crank breather kit relieves excess pressure under load.